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Professional Experience

River Studios San Francisco, CA

VR Software Developer (September 2015 – Present)

  • Created video pipeline tools for optimized 360 degree video content
  • Integrating Amazon Web Services for 360 degree video distribution
  • Researching and implementing non-equirectangular 360 degree video projections

Cryptography Research, Inc. (Acquired By Rambus) San Francisco, CA

Principal Staff Engineer (October 2009 – July 2014)

  • Technical lead on customer and partner engagements for large scale secure data generation and delivery
  • Specified and developed enterprise and custom-built components for management of the FPGA cluster
  • Ported command-line ASIC tools from a R&D proof-of-concept to the large scale production cluster using distributed job control systems

nCircle Network Security (Acquired By Tripwire) San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer (August 2001 – September 2009)

  • Responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of many products and features, including the IDS, IPS event correlator, and risk metric analyzer
  • Founding member of architecture review team responsible for approving all software product designs
  • Named as lead inventor on topological risk analysis patent
  • Participated in authoring product development standards and practices

Primary Knowledge, Inc. (Acquired by DoubleClick) New York, New York

Team Lead (December 2000 – June 2001)

Software Engineer (May 2000 – December 2000)

  • Designed, specified, and implemented high-throughput C++ STL applications
  • Designed, customized and maintained the distributed job control system and the process monitoring subsystem

Process Solutions Canada Limited (Edmonton, Alberta)

Control Systems Analyst (August 1997 – April 2000)

  • Responsible for feature delivery and maintenance of the UNISON real-time distributed control system, including appliance monitoring, device drivers, ntworking and IPC, real-time fault-tolerant database backend
  • Requirement specification, application design, implementation and testing for new applications and customer customizations

Skills & Attributes


  • 15+ years development experience with various distributed systems, including real-time control systems, batch job clusters, and peer-to-peer network models
  • 15+ years database development and management experience, including a proprietary real-time database, Oracle, PostgresQL, MySQL, and Amazon DynamoDB
  • 15+ years appliance development experience, including QNX, FreeBSD, Linux, and virtualization platforms such as AWS and VMware


  • Proficient in C systems programming and C++ and Python object oriented application development
  • Experienced creating back-end and middleware using REST services on LAMP platforms
  • Able to prototype rudimentary front-ends using HTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, and web-service APIs such as Google Maps
  • Knowledgeable regarding cryptography: asymmetric, symmetric, and hybrid cryptosystems, PKI, as well as steganographic information hiding techniques
  • Authored open source restricted shell variant scponly (Active maintainer 2001-2011)


  • Administrative and development expertise with UNIX based operating systems: Linux, BSD variants, and other legacy systems
  • Very proficient with on-the-spot shell scripting using python, bourne shell variants, PERL, etc
  • Knowledgeable designing and deploying data storage and delivery solutions


  • Experience authoring hiring plans, interview guidelines, and job descriptions for team growth
  • Demonstrates team leadership in the form of technical mentoring, design, operational ownership, and project management on long-term projects
  • Operates effectively in rapid prototyping scenarios as well as highly structured enterprise software efforts
  • Excellent documentation, revision control, and bug tracking practices using many modern development tools (Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, Perforce, and Git)

Recent Activities


  • B.Sc. (Computer Science), University of Saskatchewan, May 1997


References are available upon request