I am currently on a brief hiatus from Software Development. However, if you have an opportunity you would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me.

Skills & Attributes


  • 15+ years development experience with various distributed systems, including real-time control systems, batch job clusters, and peer-to-peer network models.
  • Inclined towards scalable, secure, fault tolerant designs based on modularization and clean interface abstractions.
  • Comfortable navigating through a wide variety of protocols within the OSI network model, especially contemporary internet protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, 802.3, and 802.11b
  • RDBMS schema design, ETL development experience and SQL query authoring and optimization (Postgres/MySQL/Oracle)
  • Experienced virtualizing appliance applications using VMWare Server, Workstation, and ESX(i)


  • Proficient in object oriented application design with C++ (10+ years) and Python (9 years), systems and application programming in ANSI C (10+ years)
  • Intimate with a variety of commonly used UNIX system APIs (thread libraries, event based callback libraries, the C++ Standard Template Library).
  • Experienced in creating UNIX backend and middleware technologies such as RESTful Linux-Apache-Mysql-PHP services
  • Knowledgeable regarding cryptography: asymmetric, symmetric, and hybrid cryptosystems, PKI, as well as steganographic information hiding techniques.


  • Administrative and development expertise with myriad UNIX based operating systems, including various Linux distributions, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, DEC UNIX, QNX, etc.
  • Very proficient with on-the-spot shell scripting using python, sh, PERL, etc.


  • Demonstrating team leadership in the form of technical mentoring, design and architectural ownership and project management on countless long-term projects, often spanning many teams and time zones.
  • Operate effectively in self-starting point-and-shoot rapid prototyping scenarios as well as highly structured enterprise software efforts.
  • Excellent documentation, revision control, and bug tracking practices using many modern development tools (Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, RCS, CVS, Perforce)

Professional Experience

Cryptography Research, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)

Principal Staff Engineer (October 2009 – July 2014)

  • Ported command-line ASIC tools from a R&D proof-of-concept to the large scale production cluster using SGE job control.
  • Technical lead on customer integrations for large scale secure data delivery.
  • Specified enterprise and custom-built components for management of the offline FPGA cluster.

nCircle Network Security (San Francisco, CA)

Senior Software Engineer (August 2001 – September 2009)

  • Solely responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of many products and features, including the IDS, IPS event correlator, and risk metric analyzer.
  • Founding member of architecture review team which is responsible for all software product designs.
  • Named as lead inventor on pending topological risk analysis patent.
  • Participated in authoring product development standards and practices.
  • The only two time winner of a quarterly “Above and Beyond Expectations” award.
  • Deeply involved in all aspects of the enhancement and supportability of the legacy codebase.

Primary Knowledge, Inc. (New York, New York)

Team Lead (December 2000 – June 2001)

Software Engineer (May 2000 – December 2000)

  • Designed, specified, and implemented a variety of high-throughput C++ STL applications in a rapid development work environment.
  • Recognized with an award for team performance.
  • Designed, customized and maintained the OpenPBS linux cluster for scalable batch processing.
  • Ongoing network and application performance analysis.
  • Designed and implemented application specific real-time process monitoring subsystems for production control operators.
  • Integrated and augmented open source third party cluster management solutions.

Process Solutions Canada Limited (Edmonton, Alberta)

Control Systems Analyst (August 1997 – April 2000)

  • Application development utilizing C, shell scripting on DEC UNIX, OpenVMS and QNX.
  • Responsible for feature delivery and maintenance of the UNISON real-time distributed control system, including:
    • Appliance monitoring
    • Device drivers
    • Networking and IPC
    • Real-time Fault-tolerant Database backend
  • Requirement specification, application design, implementation and testing for new applications and customer customizations.


  • B.Sc. (Computer Science), University of Saskatchewan, May 1997

Professional Accredations

  • Awarded CISSP Dec 2002.


References are available upon request